Things I Have Learned In Life

Sunset1. Character and Integrity are more valuable than silver, gold or diamonds

2. I should only glance at the past, live in the moment and prepare for the future

3. I need you more than you need me in life

4. We are all more alike that any of us want to admit

5. I have too much pride and that’s not pretty

6. I should think before I speak and not speak before I think

7. To forgive you is easier and takes less energy than hating you

8. I can love others even if they don’t love me

9. It is a good idea to hear all sides of a matter

10. To forgive you is the best gift I can give myself

11. Leaving the past in the past will bless my future

12. should be more interested in what you want and need than what I desire

13. The size I am, the car I drive and my stock portfolio are not what matters

14. It is important to take care of my physical body

15. I need to be more thankful to God and others

16. Random acts of kindness open doors for me to minister the love of Christ

17. I am not as good or bad as I think I am

18. I am who God says I am

19. I can do more than I think I can do

20. Every word I speak has impact for good or evil

21. I am blessed beyond what I deserve

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