Our Mission

our-mission-bannerOur Mission

To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known

We will accomplish the mission by focusing upon three areas:

  • Study and Learning of the Living Word
  • Prayer and Faith in Action
  • Testimony and Outreach

Study and Learning of the Living Word

We truly believe that The Holy Bible is the instruction manual for our lives. Continued study and learning of God’s word is critical to our growth both as individuals and as a group following Jesus Christ.

Prayer and Faith in Action

We truly believe that both prayer and faith in action can change our lives and the lives of others. Continued prayer as both individuals and as a collective group is the focus for meeting all our needs (big and small). At the same time, we move forward in faith knowing that all of our needs will be met by The Father.

Testimony and Outreach

We truly believe that our testimony and outreach brings glory to The Father and provides hope to the world. Continued sharing of the positive impacts we have experienced as well as demonstrating Christ’s love within us fulfills God’s plan.