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The Story of the Good Samaritan within The Holy Bible is an amazing story. The great man not only helped the individual in the moment with a minimal amount but rather made an investment in the individual that could change the course of the individual’s future.
It is rare to see such an act of kindness as The Story of the Good Samaritan, but CFC wants to do their part to make it a more frequent occurrence in the world. The CFC team is not only active in helping those with economic hardships, but also tries to assist everyday people through random acts of kindness or as an opportunity to bless somebody arises. We want to make long-lasting positive impacts that will hopefully have a ripple effect through the world!

Our objective is to share our faith, time, and resources as we strive to display the examples shown to us by Jesus Christ.

A few of the highlights within our Outreach & Good Works Ministry are:

  • Homeless population assistance
  • Extended neighborhood outreach
  • Community fellowship activities