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Although there is no substitute for The Holy Bible, we know that supplemental Scripture-inspired books are often helpful to many individuals. The books listed below highlight the insights of various Bible verses within certain topics in attempt to provide inspiration to the challenges we face in this world. Please read the synopsis of each book to learn more.

The Wounded and The Wounder

By Pamela Kacys

Overview: The Wounded and the Wounder is an absolute must-read for anyone who has ever been rejected, abandoned, wounded, or betrayed. In this book, author Pamela Kacys boldly shares the uncomfortable truth that no one really wants to admit—we’ve all been wounded. However, we’ve also wounded others at one time or another. This insightful book will help those who have been wounded see that they are neither unlovely nor unlovable, even though they have suffered pain.

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I am Still the Lord that Healeth TheeI am Still the Lord that Healeth Thee

By Pamela Kacys, Kenneth Bonner

This book is presented as a gift of hope and help for those who need a healing miracle for their physical body. There are many people who have received the heartbreaking news that their diagnosis is beyond the reach of medical science. God’s Word says “I Am the LORD that Healeth Thee.” God means what He says and He says what He means. It is God’s will to heal you and God will heal you. Without knowing you, we love you. We pray God’s anointing and presence on every reader of this book.

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