Young Adult Ministry


young-adults-sidebarYoung Adult Ministry

Young adults are in a critical phase that can often set their life’s path on a very positive or very negative direction. There are numerous choices to make related to careers, beliefs, relationships, and more. Societal influences are extremely high considering the multiple forms of media interactions that are currently prevalent. At the same time, societal influences are increasingly misaligned with The Holy Bible, which corresponds directly to prophesy we have learned.

CFC strives to provide an environment for our young adults to flourish in propelling their lives forward. The environment begins with teachings from The Holy Bible, which are combined with steady love and encouragement. Our young adults both support one another and lovingly challenge one another away from sin.

A few of the highlights within our Young Adult Ministry are:

  • Humility toward God and one another
  • Building blocks for enduring strong character
  • Regular fellowship activities outside of the traditional church setting