General Ministry

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Although there are varying opinions, sheep are often characterized as being unintelligent animals. Sheep may not always find the best spot under a shade tree on a hot summer day. Susan Schoenian, an Extension Sheep & Goat Specialist at the University of Maryland’s Western Maryland Research & Education Center, suggests that sheep are often considered “stupid” due to “their strong flocking instinct and failure to act independently of one another”.

In 2005, USA Today reported that 450 sheep jumped off of the same cliff to their death in an eastern province of Turkey. The Turkish shepherds, eating breakfast, watched from afar as the first sheep jumped from the cliff and the others continuously followed. It can be inferred that sheep naturally need leadership and will follow one another in the absence thereof, regardless of the consequences.

Sheep need guidance and protection at a minimum. We have a great sense of peace knowing that Our Father not only provides guidance and protection but meets all of our needs in watching over us.

Below are some of the highlights of our General Ministry as we acknowledge our need of The Good Shepherd:

  • An undiluted message from The Holy Bible that convicts our sins and releases our burdens
  • A focus upon the unbreakable, unchanging promises provided to each of us as believers
  • A fellowship of worship, love, and encouragement