Bible Study

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Competing priorities. That is one of the greatest challenges in our daily life. Between work, family, and other obligations, people often have to choose a narrower focus of activities than they may desire in order to avoid neglecting the most important areas of their lives. The same can be said between the choices within the world and the pursuit of God’s Kingdom. It is very easy to consciously or subconsciously deprioritize God. However, the natural order of our life is completely upside down when we choose this path.

Our Bible Study provides an interactive, informal large group setting in the middle of the week for fellowship and study. This mid-week study assists many individuals in keeping their focus on God throughout the entire course of the week. Our Bible Study is usually led by one of our pastors, and discussion is stimulated by reviewing verses and comparing them to our own experiences. As we continually seek God, we gain peace in all areas of our lives.
A few of the highlights within our Bible Study are:

  • Striving for a deep understanding of God’s Word
  • Seeking God in pursuit of continued spiritual transformation
  • Member testimonials