Music Ministry

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There are numerous references to musical instruments within The Holy Bible including lyres, harps, tambourines, castanets, flutes, horns, trigons, psalteries, bagpipes, and trumpets. At the same time, it is evident that there is true power in music as 1 Samuel 18:23 references David’s anointing in playing the harp to drive away evil spirits. The Holy Bible is also filled with joyous singing in the praising of Our Heavenly Father during both times of mourning and celebration.

At CFC, we celebrate the love and favor provided by God through praising him with our voices and musical talents. As creations of God, we are naturally programmed to connect with Him through our offerings of praise. Our Music Ministry is not only fundamental to our worship services, but this ministry also extends into the mentoring of individuals that possess an interest in developing their musical talents.
A few of the highlights within our Music Ministry are:

  • Calling and receiving The Holy Spirit during worship
  • Acknowledging and confirming Our Savior and His Holy Word
  • Developing the God-given talents of one another for His Glory