Small Groups

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Since the very early periods of time, freedom has been sought by many. Nations have been under the authority and rule of other nations. Individuals have been enslaved throughout all areas of the world. Unfortunately, there are many reports that slavery is still prevalent in some parts of the world. Many people have suffered and many people have lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom. Pilgrims have traveled the world in search of religious freedom. At the same time, large populations are currently living in restrictive situations which limit their ability to freely pursue many things that we take for granted.

The greatest freedom that can be achieved is the freedom that comes from knowing and believing God’s Word. Evil and deceit can easily enter our minds. The guilt, the restlessness, the doubt, the insecurity, and all of the other negative feelings can last a lifetime. Freedom from these lies is achieved by know God’s truth. Our Small Group Study has an acute focus on finding the truth and leaving the past behind.

A few of the highlights within our Small Group Study are:

  • Study of supplemental bible-based texts
  • Encouraging one another past suffering and adversity
  • Prayer to activate blessings upon one another