Youth Ministry

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If you have at least one gray hair on your head, you have surely heard various complaints about “this new generation” within each and every decade of your existence. Although each generation that arises may bring challenges as well as evil, each generation also brings goodness and hope. At CFC, we never discount the learnings and inspiration that can be derived from the examples of our youth members.

Rich Franklin, a former world champion of mixed martial arts, began his professional career as a high school mathematics teacher. Although Franklin had achieved a master degree from the University of Cincinnati, he did not gain all-encompassing wisdom through a formal college education. Franklin was once interviewed and asked questions about his transition from high school math teacher to full-time mixed martial artist and eventual world champion. Franklin talked about how his students were the inspiration for him to pursue his dreams. Franklin would watch the optimism and unwavering dreams of his students on a daily basis, inspiring Franklin to pursue his own dreams. The youth of Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, OH inspired and help bring about one of the world’s best mixed martial artists.

It is evident that youth can make a difference in the present moments that exist right now. We do not have to wait for them to grow up to be an example. Youth can be an example of all good things to people of all ages.
A few of the highlights within our Youth Ministry are:

  • Interactive group discussions analyzing bible verses
  • Teachings on the power of words, prayer, and The Holy Spirit
  • Guest speakers sharing their testimonies