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What religious denomination is CFC?

CFC is a non-denominational church. CFC operates independently in its mission and is not part of a larger organization. CFC obtains its direction exclusively in the continuous study and understanding of The Holy Bible.

Is CFC most closely associated with a certain ethnicity or age group?

We have a truly diverse congregation and are welcoming to people from all backgrounds. We often say that we are a “red church”, as we are covered in the blood of Jesus Christ.

What if I am not accustomed to the beliefs of CFC?

We welcome all people to experience our services and assess if CFC may be right for their lives. We offer a non-judgmental environment in which we treat another as brothers and sisters. CFC has a wide array of attendees including life-long Christians, newly established Christians, and individuals that are still learning more about CFC and Christianity.

Does CFC have child care available during its services?

Yes. CFC has child care (a nursery) available in our lower level for very young children. The other children are encouraged to attend our regular classes which are comprised of biblical learning and fun activities.

Am I able to attend services or activities if I am a member at another church?

Absolutely. “Fellowship” is within our name (Christian Fellowship Church), and we are grateful to have any person be in fellowship with us.

Is my child able to attend services and/or activities at CFC if I am not a member or regular attendee?

Absolutely. We would be honored if you allowed your child to join us for services and/or activities.

Am I obligated to contribute financially to CFC if I attend?

Not at all. Although we do believe in the spiritual benefit of tithes and offerings as referenced within scriptures, this is a personal decision for each individual.

Can I get more information before I decide to attend?

Absolutely. Feel free to call us or email us and we will do our best to answer any question that you may have about CFC or Christianity.