Children’s Ministry

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Jesus said that we must be as children to enter the Kingdom of God. Children begin life with an open and pure heart. Nevertheless, it is critical to begin a biblical foundation so that each child is able to guard his/her heart from the evil within the world. Our desire is that our children are not hindered from Jesus yet possess the character and wisdom to hinder themselves from sin.

One focus within the Children’s Ministry program is to ensure that it always remains fun and engaging for each and every child. Many parents have described amazing disappointment from their children if they were unable to attend CFC classes and activities at a given time. There are a million things that children could be doing in this world, and we find it to be a great accomplishment that they would desire to be at CFC above other things.
A few of the highlights within our Children’s Ministry are:

  • Understanding our purpose and the desires of God
  • Controlling our emotions (the flesh) and being led by The Holy Spirit
  • Creative role-playing scenarios including people, props, puppets, etc.