Secret Sin

There is something very wrong with this title.

There is NO such thing as “secret” sin.

Nothing we do is hidden from God.  Nothing at all. The thoughts of our mind and the “content” and  “intent” of our heart are all known by God.

It is my opinion that we often incorrectly believe that we can hide things from God simply because we are able to successfully hide things from one another.  Yes, we can hide our sin and transgressions from others, however, we can never hide from God. I believe it’s possible we don’t actually give God enough credit for being the all knowing God that He is.

We forget that nothing is hidden from him.

We need to continually be “mindful” of God and know that he is “mindful” of us and concerned about our eternal well being.

When we commit sin there are two things we try to hide.

We try to hide the sin we commit and we also try to hide ourselves.  We run from the presence of God.  Instead of running to God, we often run away from God.  When we do this we are running from the one who loves us most and we’re running in the wrong direction. We are running from the only one who can help us.  Thankfully, God is very good at hide and seek.  He knows every one of our “not so secret”  hiding places.

If I go up to the Heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths (hell) you are there.         Psalm 139:8

By: Pam Bonner-Kacys

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