A Few Good Men “Igniting the Power of Prayer”

Cover_IgniteThe first time I heard the title of this movie it was as if I heard the voice of God. My heart began to beat fast and I knew God was clearly speaking. This was the cry and desire of His heart. I suddenly had a revelation of many great things I knew could be accomplished in the Kingdom of God if only God had the hearts and obedience of a few good men. I had not thought of this for a long while until the day my brother in law, Pastor Bill Virgin published his first book titled, “Igniting the Power of Prayer.”

I knew I wanted to read the book he published for two reasons. The first is that as his sister in law I know his character and integrity. I’ll be honest here. I only want to read the works of those I know live with integrity in public and also in private. The second reason I knew I just had to read this book is that I know Bill is a man of prayer. When he says he will pray for you it isn’t just code for “maybe I will pray.” He will pray.

I was not disappointed. I was blessed and I was encouraged. That is why I want to share my heart with you.

I am not sure if Bill meant to save the best for last but I will tell you that in the case of “Igniting the Power of Prayer” he did exactly that.

The title of the final chapter is “The Call of The Watchman” To be honest, I got to the title page and began to weep. I could say much but I’m going to share what my brother in law wrote.

The Call of The Watchman;

Every young boy dreams of being a knight in shining armor protecting his castle – fighting off a vicious enemy’s onslaught coming to hurt or harm.

Movies through the years have helped portray the stoic watchman walking the wall and protecting their kingdom. Their keen, alert eyes are of utmost importance to those who live behind the walls trusting the watchman’s protection. A soldier must be loyal, alert and ready to lay down his life defending those who live in their community.

In the movie A Few Good Men, Demi Moore played a military attorney who defends two marine accused of killing a fellow soldier. After being asked, “Why do you love them so much?” she answer, “Because they stand on a wall and they say, “nothing is going to happen to you. Not tonight; not on my watch. “That is how we should view the call to intercession (prayer). We stand on the wall and keep watch for the enemy’s attack, saying, “Nothing is going to happen to our families or the church on my watch.” We MUST stand on the wall of intercession for our generation.

As I read this I kept thinking about what would happen if there were not just a few good men but “A Few Godly Men” who were willing to serve and protect.

Isaiah 62:6-7 “I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the lord, do not keep silent. And give Him no rest till He establishes, And till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

I remember the disciples could not remain awake. We are often guilty of the same. Thankfully, Jesus is continually interceding for us, however, we have a responsibility to also intercede for others. We must remain alert.

It seems strange but God has put it on my heart to “intercede for the intercessors” and to pray that God will raise up once again “A Few Godly Praying Men” who will storm the Heavens and change the course of history.

If you haven’t read “Igniting The Power of Prayer” by Bill Virgin you need to get this book as it will encourage you as you see lives changed through the power of prayer.

I am forever changed.

by:  Pastor Pam Kacys


About the author:

Bill Virgin has been in the ministry for over 30 years.  Bill attended Boise State University and Christ For the Nations Institute where he graduated. Bill went on to receive his Masters and Doctorate of Theology degree from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Bill has served as youth pastor in Chicago and with Church on the Rock in Dallas, Texas. Bill now is Senior Pastor at Life Christian Center in Kansas City, Missouri.
You can order “IGNITING THE POWER OF PRAYER” by clicking the link: http://billvirgin.tateauthor.com/


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