Leadership Team

leader-bannerLeadership Team

Ken Bonner

Senior Pastor & Bible Study Director

Pastor Ken Bonner has been the Senior Pastor of CFC since September of 1998 when his father, Pastor Kenneth Bonner, Sr. was promoted to Heaven. Pastor Ken is a veteran of the United States Air Force, having served as an electronics instructor before receiving an honorable discharge. Pastor Ken is a man of diverse achievements, ranging from his religious training at Rhema Bible Training College to his pilot’s license and beyond.

Naturally, Pastor Ken grew up in the ministry of CFC. Having been saved at the age of seven years old, Pastor Ken became active in ministry as a teenager. Pastor Ken now fuels CFC with his unwavering delivery of the truth from God’s Word in an upbeat, practical, and genuinely caring manner.

Pam Bonner-Kacys

Associate Pastor & Young Adult Ministry Director
Pastor Pam Bonner-Kacys is the Associate Pastor of CFC, having been ordained into ministry in September of the year 2000. Pastor Pam is a well-renowned author within the community of religious leaders, and she is often a guest speaker at other churches. Pastor Pam is also an accredited and certified counselor, coupling her practical training with the teachings of The Holy Bible to encourage those in need.

Pastor Pam grew up in the ministry of CFC under the guidance of her father, Pastor Kenneth Bonner, Sr. Pastor Pam continues to carry her father’s childhood teachings into the scriptural messages at CFC today. Authentically empathetic and caring, Pastor Pam is incredibly active in ministering to people within the community on a daily basis. Pastor Pam’s words of encouragement have positively redirected the lives of countless individuals.

Gil Ramos

Spanish Ministry Pastor

Pastor Gil Ramos serves as our Spanish Ministry Pastor leading our Spanish Bible Study and Bilingual Services. Pastor Gil is an amazingly inspirational man that is genuinely admired and respected at CFC and throughout the community.

Pastor Gil came to know Jesus Christ in 1976, following a serious accident in which he fell from a two-story window and broke his neck. His mother, Sophia Ramos was a devoted Christian and prayed him into the Kingdom of God. He immediately began to preach the gospel and minister as an evangelist. God called Pastor Gil to CFC after attending a Sunday morning service on April 8, 1990. Pastor Gil is extremely gifted in teaching God’s Word as he boldly proclaims the Gospel Message of hope and healing.

Allen Furlan

Senior Board Member

Allen Furlan has served on the Board of CFC since 2008. Allen is employed by Redken and has been teaching hair design for 22 years. Allen is active in many community events through his profession.

Allen first came to CFC in 1998, only one week after Pastor Kenneth Bonner, Sr. was promoted to Heaven. Allen and his wife, Kathy, had attended revival services at CFC held by Gil Howard Browne. Allen most appreciated that CFC is a family-oriented church that teaches the truth from the Word of God. Allen and Kathy soon decided to join the CFC family and have been actively involved ever since. In addition to providing invaluable insight and guidance to the overall efforts of CFC, Allen is a hands-on servant that assists in many areas.

Giovanni Soto

Senior Board Member

Giovanni Soto has served on the Board of CFC since 2008. Giovanni is a design professional that has supported numerous major corporations in marketing and advertising efforts. Giovanni holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Design from Purdue University.

Giovanni Soto first visited CFC in 1997 for a Friday evening prayer service. Giovanni soon began attending Sunday services as he found the teachings of Pastor Kenneth Bonner, Sr. to be Bible-based, encouraging, and insightful. In addition to providing strategic support to CFC, Giovanni serves as our Front of House sound and recording technican.

Debbie Ramos

Spanish Ministry Director

Debbie Ramos serves as our Spanish Ministry Director. Debbie has a long history of serving God as she has helped several local churches establish effective children’s and youth ministry programs. Debbie is also a Licensed Practical Nurse, and she has utilized her skills and kindheartedness in serving the needs of the community.

Debbie Ramos came to CFC at the leading of the Holy Spirit in 1985. Debbie has great compassion for those who are suffering and works faithfully alongside her husband, Pastor Gil Ramos, to lead our Spanish Ministry. Debbie has a true servant’s heart, and she also is an anointed and gifted teacher that has an ability to reach people of all ages. At the same time, Debbie has actively been involved in mission trips to Monterrey, Mexico.

Dan Michalski

Youth Ministry Pastor

Pastor Dan Michalski has served as our Youth Ministry Pastor since 2000. Pastor Dan also serves the community as a skilled technician in his full-time profession.

Pastor Dan has been a member of the CFC family since 1988. Pastor Dan is active in many areas of CFC as he is always willing to lend a hand, lead an initiative, or do whatever is asked of him. Pastor Dan leads by Christian example, and he has a unique ability to connect with every individual through a wide range of approaches. Pastor Dan often gains involvement from our youth to serve in the Music Ministry. At the same time, our youth can be found doing anything from witnessing at the Taste of Chicago to providing free car washes in the community.

Sandra Michalski

Children’s Ministry Director & Administrative Director

Sandra Michalski serves as both our Children’s Ministry Director and as the Administrative Director. Sandra has been performing these roles simultaneously since January 2005. Sandra puts her heart into supporting all of our ministries while graciously leading the Children’s Ministry.

Sandra was born into the CFC family. As the granddaughter of Kenneth Bonner, Sr. (founder of CFC), Sandra continues to carry the legacy of his servitude toward God and others. Sandra is highly gifted in her ability to work with children. Sandra welcomes each child with open arms while ensuring that each child feels loved and honored. Sandra utilizes innovative programs to stimulate learning, and she also rewards each child for his/her accomplishments.

Tony Pesina, Sr.

Music Director
Tony Pesina, Sr. has been our Music Ministry Director since 1998. Tony has a committed leader’s heart and a passion for worship. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education from DePaul University, and is a talented musician who plays for an audience of ONE. Tony recently retired from a long and impactful career as a high school teacher.

Tony came to CFC after hearing a radio announcement sponsored by Andrew Wommack Ministries. During that same week, Tony viewed a CFC billboard on a local business. He decided to come for a visit…a long visit. Tony has been a faithful member of CFC for nearly 30 years. Tony brings his great passion into mentoring and training our youth and young adults as future music leaders.

Willie Lopez

Spanish Worship Director

Willie Lopez has served as our Spanish Worship Director since 2009. Willie is a great man of faith, family, and friends. Willie has focused his life on serving others after retiring from a successful career as a technician in the telecommunications industry.

Willie came to CFC in 2004 by divine direction of the Holy Spirit. Willie had come to know Jesus Christ in 1996 (the devil cried the day that Willie was saved). Willie has continued to strengthen his faith since joining CFC. Willie is a self-educated musician and is endowed with great talents. Willie has a unique ability to write songs of praise, and these songs are performed regularly during our Services.

Freda Smith

Choir Director

Freda Smith serves as our Choir Director. Freda is highly talented in fine arts and music. Freda has a Master of Science degree in education and is an incredibly gifted teacher.

Freda first visited CFC after being invited by her sister Lisa. Soon after, Freda joined our CFC family and became a member. Freda and her husband Tony are humble, serving members and enormously invaluable to CFC. Freda contributes immensely to our praise and worship team, and she also is very active within our Children’s Ministry. Freda is anointed and called as an intercessor and prayer warrior. Freda has touched the lives of many with her compassionate perspective and diligent approach.

Tony Pesina, Jr.

2016 Media Director

Tony Pesina, Jr. began in the role of Media Director this year. Tony has an unashamed love for God and it is noticeably evidenced in everything that he does. Tony is nearing the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in animation from DePaul University.

Tony has been an active member and steadfast volunteer at CFC for many years. Having been dedicated to the Lord as a child at CFC, Tony has developed as a man within our congregation. Tony is now constantly giving back to CFC and the world with his many talents. Tony is channeling his skills in this new role to not only serve CFC and the community, but he is also taking the time to share his skills in the development of others around him.

Vanessa Schergen

2016 Facilities & Support Director

Vanessa Schergen is currently serving as our Facilities & Support Director. Vanessa also serves the community (and numerous tourists visiting Chicago) as the office manager at Untouchable Tours. Vanessa is a multi-talented individual that encompasses a wide array of skills including sign language.

Vanessa Schergen is a long-time member of CFC. Vanessa and her husband, Matt ‘Spider’ Schergen, have been actively involved in our Children’s Ministry for many years. Vanessa and Matt have also supported many community organizations including Golden Apple and Polaris Charter Academy. Vanessa truly values life through her support of the Pro-Life cause, her strong desires that all lost people are saved, and her continued prayers for healing and restoration to others. Vanessa is a true ‘Prayer Warrior’ – you can find her prayer requests for countless individuals posted throughout the Internet.

Lesvia Pesina

2016 Outreach & Activities Director

Lesvia Pesina is energizing CFC’s community impact through her role as Outreach & Activities Director. Lesvia has long served the community through her profession at the US Postal Service. Lesvia possesses an Associate’s degree in travel and tourism through the College of DuPage.

Lesvia came to visit CFC in 1987 with Tony Pesina, whom she later married. Lesvia has since been a devoted member as she has served CFC in many capacities. At the same time, Lesvia has been actively involved in many aspects of the community. Lesvia fulfilled the duties of PTA President at Pasteur Elementary School for eight years. Lesvia has also served as a Girl Scout Troop Leader. Lesvia’s love for people and her hardworking approach makes her a tremendous value in whatever she does.