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The Judgment Seat Of God

The very thought of appearing before the judgment seat of God is enough to cause even the most “righteous” believer to tremble. As a young child I remember hearing of the judgment of God in Sunday school. At a very early age I determined to live an honorable life in hopes that I could avoid having to face God and give an account of my sins. I knew early on that I was a sinner and I was pretty sure God was going to throw the book at me. As hard as I tried I always seemed to miss the mark. I never seemed to do the things I should like pray and read my Bible every day but I always seemed to find time to get into trouble. I, Pam had every reason to fear the judgment of God….or so I thought.


The problem was I had not yet studied the Word of God and I didn’t have enoughinformation” about the judgments of God and I had no revelation of the love of God. I spent my childhood worried that God was sitting up in Heaven just waiting for the day of my arrival and would be delighted to toss a young child like me into a fiery hell. It seemed I knew so much about the “law” of God but very little about the “love” of God.

When I began to study God’s Word for myself I read about how God loved sinners like me so much that He sent His own Son to die and take my punishment. I received a revelation of His great love. I read about how God has my best interests at heart. He has good plans for me.  I know now that God is my Father and He loves me. I do not fear the judgment of God. Let me explain.

There are two different judgments in the Word of God. The first is the judgement of the unbelievers called the “great white throne judgment” The second is “the judgment seat of Christ, called the Bema” where believers are judged and rewarded. The great white throne judgment is not a judgment of sinners because we are all sinners. It is a judgment of ‘unbelievers’ who have rejected Christ and the Cross. This judgment is much like you would picture a court room setting where punishments and sentencing take place. The judgment seat of Christ is the judgment of believers and this setting is more like an Olympic stadium where events are judged and different rewards are presented. The word BEMA actually means “elevated or raised” platform. To appear at the judgment seat of Christ is going to be wonderful.

If you have received Jesus Christ into your heart and life you should not fear future judgment. Your sins are forgiven. You are a child of God. You are a believer. You are not perfect, you are forgiven.

Some years ago an individual was attempting to threaten me by saying, “God is going to judge you one day.” I simply smiled and said, “I would much rather have God judge me than you, my friend.” You see, I understand that the judge is my loving Father. He loves me. He adores me. He is preparing a place for me in Heaven. I no longer believe the lies of the enemy. I am looking forward to seeing my Father in Heaven and I’m going to jump straight into His arms of love.

What a day that will be!!!

Pastor Pam Bonner-Kacys

Things I Have Learned In Life

Sunset1. Character and Integrity are more valuable than silver, gold or diamonds

2. I should only glance at the past, live in the moment and prepare for the future

3. I need you more than you need me in life

4. We are all more alike that any of us want to admit

5. I have too much pride and that’s not pretty

6. I should think before I speak and not speak before I think

7. To forgive you is easier and takes less energy than hating you

8. I can love others even if they don’t love me

9. It is a good idea to hear all sides of a matter

10. To forgive you is the best gift I can give myself

11. Leaving the past in the past will bless my future

12. should be more interested in what you want and need than what I desire

13. The size I am, the car I drive and my stock portfolio are not what matters

14. It is important to take care of my physical body

15. I need to be more thankful to God and others

16. Random acts of kindness open doors for me to minister the love of Christ

17. I am not as good or bad as I think I am

18. I am who God says I am

19. I can do more than I think I can do

20. Every word I speak has impact for good or evil

21. I am blessed beyond what I deserve

Pleasant Words are Like the Sweetest Honeycomb

Honey dipper with bee honeycombYou will never make it in life. You are nothing like your sister. I don’t love you anymore. You are never going to change. You’re stupid and ugly.  These are the merciless taunts of the enemy.  I often meet with broken people who have come seeking help because they have been verbally assaulted. They are heartbroken and feel worthless. There are too many people who have been wounded by unkind words spoken either “to” them or “about” them.  They have listened to the common lies of the enemy so often that they have come to believe them.

Mother Teresa said,  “Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.”  The words we speak are either words of life or death. They are either words of truth or they are flat out lies. The words we speak either bless or curse ourselves and others. The words we speak are either words conceived and born of Heaven or they are words from the pit of hell. There are no words that simply do not matter.  And yes, sticks and stones can break bones but toxic words break hearts.  The toxic poison of devastating words can only be remedied by words of truth, hope and life.  A word spoken in due season is as a healing ointment.

Hurtful words wound but helpful words heal.

Toxic words are poison to our spirit . Kind and life giving words are medicine.

Do you know that words matter even if you are not the person the words are directly spoken to?  The words you hear affect you.  That is the reason it is important to keep company with people who speak encouraging and life giving words. If you are in a work environment where ungodly words are spoken they will AFFECT you and they can cause you to feel depressed.  If you are in a room where someone is screaming or yelling, you will certainly feel shaken and disturbed.  This is because the words being spoken are affecting your spirit man.  We must carefully guard the words we speak and also the words we hear.  Interestingly, there is something worse than being simply affected by toxic words and that is becoming INFECTED by toxic words.

When someone says something unkind we should immediately counter that with something that is pleasant and kind. My cousin Bonnie, who is a Christian psychologist, encourages her clients and friends to participate in what she calls  “good gossip”.  The way you do this is to purposefully tell people things that will encourage them and others. Tell your friends and family of a compliment you heard about them. Tell them when they look nice. Never with hold kind words.  It is healthy and healing for you to hear yourself speaking well of others and of yourself.

God speaks well of you and I and we should speak well of ourselves and others.

There is far too much hurt in this world.   We should all speak words of life and love. Yes, this takes discipline and isn’t always easy.  We must remember that there is a temptation to speak unkind words especially when they are spoken to you. You can teach and train yourself to return good for evil. You can make a habit of speaking well of everyone.  You are not responsible for what others say or do.  You are responsible for the things you do and say.  Make your words count.

If you love someone tell them you love them.  Words are important.  Words have power.  Words have creative power.  God created the galaxies by His spoken Word.

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Aren’t you thankful for people who always speak sweet words of affirmation? Everyone needs to be encouraged. Proverbs 16:24 16.24

Here is something I pray you will take to heart and always remember.  Do not believe or receive any unkind words that are spoken to or about you.  You are not who the devil says you are.

You are not who others SAY you are.  You are who God says you are. He thinks and speaks very well of you. If you don’t believe me just read his Word. God loves and accepts you.

You can detox your spirit by speaking words of love and life.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.  If you can’t say anything nice, it would be best to remain silent.


Pastor Pam

Can a Christian be harmed by a curse?

exhausted or tiring woman face expression with stressA young girl going through a difficult time in life asked me this question because so many things seemed to be going wrong in her life at one time. A friend told her she may have been cursed. She was frightened and had no peace. She wanted to know the answer.    This is actually a very legitimate question.  The short answer is “NO” and I will explain.

When we receive Christ into our heart and life He is with all the time.  I never worried when my father was with me.  My father is in Heaven now and I still don’t worry because my Heavenly Father is with me always.  He said, “I will never leave you or forsake you”

When we receive Christ we receive all of the provisions of the Covenant through the works of the Cross.  Protection is included in the Covenant we have with God.  When the death angel passed throughout the land of Egypt it was only the houses where the blood was applied that were protected. The same is still true today.

If others were able to “curse” believers and cause them harm then it would mean that the power of the enemy to harm us is greater than the power of God to protect and bless us.  The power of the Blood that protects us is much greater than the “limited” power of the enemy.

I once heard of an individual who was attempting to “pray” a curse upon someone they were angry with.  This type of praying that God will strike someone is unscriptural and wicked. And it absolutely does not work!

Because my friend was worried I shared a beautiful Scripture with her that gave her peace.

Proverbs 26:2

Like a fluttering sparrow or a swallow in flight a curse without cause will not alight (I love how this rhymes and is easy to remember)

The living translation is my personal favorite.  It says that an “undeserved” curse will not land on it’s intended victim.  It will not come to rest or take hold.  It will not affect it’s intended victim at all.

There are, however, times in our lives when we do things wrong and we suffer the consequences of our behaviors.  When we sin we are actually cursing ourselves.  The same is true if we choose to speak about ourselves negatively.  We must recognize that words have power.  I would like to explain it like this.  The verse states that an “undeserved” curse will not rest.  There are simply times when we curse ourselves by our own actions and suffer the resulting consequences.  We have all heard the phrase “you got what you deserved”  There is a curse that we deserve or have earned.  It has nothing at all to do with someone pronouncing a curse over us.

We are told in God’s Word that we choose blessing or cursing.  I choose to be blessed by living in obedience to Christ.  No one can choose for me. I choose life or death and blessing or cursing.

The only way a curse spoken against you by another individual can cause you harm is if you CHOOSE to RECEIVE it and BELIEVE it.  The same is true if someone speaks a blessing over you.  It is your choice to receive it or reject it.

The definition of a “curse” is a prayer or appeal to cause harm to someone.  It is wrong to “curse” anyone at anytime.  

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what others say about you.  It doesn’t matter what the enemy says about you (and he says plenty.)  What matters most is what you say and what God says about you.  God has spoken well of you.

Purpose in your heart to give NO place to the devil. Always remember that No weapon formed against you shall prosper and EVERY tongue that rises against you shall suffer shame.

I choose Jesus!  I choose blessing!

Love,  Pastor Pam